Wisconsin Stroke Coalition

Updated:Sep 16,2014

The Wisconsin Stroke Coalition (WSC) is a group of organizations dedicated to the development and implementation of stroke systems of care in Wisconsin, along with the advancement of key stroke initiatives to reduce the burden of stroke, improve patient outcomes and support a health population relative to stroke prevention and risk factors.

The objective of the WSC is to reduce the burden of stroke in Wisconsin, improve patient outcomes and support of healthy population relative to stroke prevention and risk factors by:

  • Establishing stroke systems of care in Wisconsin, with a special focus on region stroke system development.
  • Stimulating communication between stroke organizations in Wisconsin.
  • Advocating for stroke policies, legislation, and research as the need arises.
  • Developing and coordinating actions and initiatives (such as progress markers) that require interaction of various stroke organizations in WI to meet its mission of establishing stroke systems of care and advancing key stroke initiatives.


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