American Heart Association Advocacy in Louisiana

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Influencing public policy through advocacy is an essential strategy used by the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association to achieve its health impact goals and programmatic objectives, which include helping all Americans lead healthier lives and reducing the incidence and consequences of cardiovascular disease and stroke.

The American Heart Association/American Stroke Association works across the public policy continuum to influence public policy, including planning, stakeholder and coalition development, policy research and analysis, a comprehensive legislative and regulatory agenda, the creation of media advocacy and grassroots strategies, implementing policy change, and then following through with effective evaluation to assess implementation and the ultimate impact of the law or regulation.


For local information, contact:
Stasha M. Rhodes, Government Relations Director
Phone: 770-612-6173

Advocate Resources:

Louisiana Advocacy Successes

In 2010, the American Heart Association led the charge to eliminate liability for Good Samaritans who use an AED to help bring Sudden Cardiac Arrest victims back to life. When a person has a heart attack that stops their heart, their chance of survival drops by 10% for every minute they do not have a shock from a defibrillator. This law helps to protect not only the user of an AED, but the owner of the device as well, who provided this life-saving machine for public use, from being sued should there be a problem.

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What's happening in Louisiana Advocacy?
Read our state agenda to see what we're working on this year.

Lobby Day 2013

Advocates Rally in D.C.


You're the Cure on the Hill 2013 brought 300 advocates to Washington, D.C. on April 9 to urge Congress to restore and protect funding for National Institutes of Health and support a Million Hearts high blood pressure campaign. The diverse group of advocates included survivors, researchers, caregivers, young people, and medical professional representing 43 states.

Additionally, the American Heart Association was proud to participate in the National Rally for Medical Research held in Washington, D.C. on April 8. An estimated 3,000 researchers, patients and medical professionals took part in the rally to show their support for a continued investment in National Institutes of Health research. The event program featured two You're the Cure survivor advocates as speakers.

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