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  • 1. Survivors Gene Jensen, Abigail Ellis, Lori Hewlett stories
  • 2. Michael's Story: Website Saved My Life Michael's Story: Website Saved My Life
  • 3. Fred Kelley: A Story in Miracles Fred's Story: A Story of Miracles
  • 4. Kim Motsinger Kim Motsinger
  • 5. Gary's Story: Flatline Gary's Story: Flatline
  • 6. Ronald & Janie James "It's great that losing weight makes us look better, but the real benefit is better health."
  • 7. Jim Zanos Read how Jim is managing his cholesterol.
  • 8. Elaine McCracken "In December of 1999, I was diagnosed with focal myocarditis. You might say that saved my life." Read Elaine McCracken's story.
  • 9. B. Michael Thorne Read Mike Thorne's story about managing cholesterol.
  • 10. Gerry's Story: Know Your Risk Gerry Turer's Story: Know Your Risk
  • 11. Linda Pena Growing up on the U.S.-Mexico border, Linda Peņa never thought twice about the cholesterol-laden fried beef tacos that were a staple in her family. Now she knows that poor heart-health doesn't have to be a way of life. Read her story of survival.
  • 12. Meet Local Heart Disease Survivor Doris Serota Doris Serota is a dedicated American Heart Association volunteer, transplant recipient, and heart disease survivor.
  • 13. Making the Stroke Connection: Stroke Survivors and Caregivers Forum This educational event will provide information and resources to the stroke survivor community through presentations, vendors and networking.
  • 14. Sean Maloney joins local board to advance stroke awareness in Silicon Valley Four years ago Sean Maloney was a top senior executive at Intel Corporation -- a well-respected leader, gifted speaker and innovator. Around Silicon Valley it was assumed he would take over as the next CEO at the high-tech firm in Santa Clara, CA. However, a stroke sidelined his career in February, 2010.
  • 15. Support Network comes to life in Phoenix Stroke survivor Janice Edwards-Jackson is helping our new Support Network come to life in Phoenix, AZ. She notes, ?It?s nice to have others to identify with. You don?t understand something until you go through it.?
  • 16. Sharon Shields: Walking Toward Inspiration Sharon Shields: Walking Toward Inspiration
  • 17. Lauren's Story YM child survivor story Lauren from 2011-2012 materials.
  • 18. April's Story: When the Rhythm is Wrong April's Story: When the Rhythm is Wrong
  • 19. Harlem Go Red For Women Educational Forum Outreach event to raise awareness of cardiovascular diseases & stroke, remove race & ethnicity barriers, provide education & tools for action--all enlisting the women of Harlem.
  • 20. 2015 Pioneer Valley Stroke Survivors and Caregivers Forum May is American Stroke Month and the American Stroke Association, a division of the American Heart Association, will once again host a forum open to stroke survivors and their caregivers. The 2015 Pioneer Valley Stroke Survivors and Caregivers Forum will take place on Wednesday, May 6th at the MassMutual Center in Springfield. Close to 400 will attend the event which is designed to bring together stroke survivors and caregivers so they may become better connected with the network of resources available. The event will include over one dozen exhibitors who will provide valuable education, tools and resources to stroke survivors and caregivers. Also, stroke survivors and caregivers will share their experiences and stories. A light breakfast and a heart healthy lunch will be served. Pre-registration is required. For more information or to register, contact Mia Freedenfeld at 203-303-3339 or email
  • 21. Laine's Story: Why I Fight Laine's Story: Why I Fight
  • 22. Don Hamman – YOU are Why As a survivor of heart disease and bypass surgery at age 45, I have been blessed with the proverbial ?second chance? and reminded that we are called to ?love your neighbor as yourself.?
  • 23. Jennifer's Story: Survival Story Jennifer's Story: Survival Story
  • 24. Quick action saves dad's life Father?s Day has extra-special meaning for Peyton Smith?s family this year. The 34 year old father of three suffered a cardiac arrest just three months ago and the outcome could have been very different if family members hadn?t known what to do.
  • 25. School CPR response saves student’s life Skyler was jogging around the gym with classmates when he went down to the floor face first. ?He just dropped,? recalls PE teacher Alan Nakagama, who first thought Skyler was joking.
  • 26. Tim Gamble turns stroke into a career path Tim Gamble is a young stroke survivor who hopes to turn his personal experience into a career helping others.
  • 27. Diane Graf: Heart Disease and Stroke Survivor Meet Diane Graf, who discovered she had heart valve disease and had suffered a stroke.
  • 28. Jang Jaswal owes his life to heart research Jang Jaswal began his long struggle with cardiac disease in 1989. He was just 33 when he had his first angioplasty to open blocked arteries. A heart and kidney transplant saved his life in 2013 after more than 20 years of cardiac procedures and two strokes. He says, ?My story is one of the modern medical miracles made possible by the American Heart Association (AHA)."
  • 29. Arrhythmia Personal Stories The American Heart Association offersthese inspirational stories from survivors of arrhythmias.
  • 30. Heart Failure Personal Stories The American Heart Association provides these personal stories of people living with heart failure.
  • 31. Heart Attack Personal Stories Read inspirational heart attack-related stories
  • 32. Faces of Heart - San Antonio Faces of Heart details survivor stories in the San Antonio, Texas area.
  • 33. Stroke Survivors Starting Over – a priceless connection in the Bay Area Barbara Combs has instilled hope in stroke survivors for over 15 years by simply visiting them in the hospital. Stroke Survivors Starting Over, the peer visitor program she founded in San Francisco, has reached over 6,324 stroke survivors and their caregivers -- providing a priceless connection for those dealing with stroke outcomes.
  • 34. Kristine's Story: Mom Vows to Live a More Balanced Life Kristine's Story: Mom Vows to Live a More Balanced Life
  • 35. Vermont Go Red For Women Luncheon The American Heart Association's Vermont Go Red For Women Luncheon--filled with fun and educational opportunities--is a great day to share with friends and family.
  • 36. Personal Stories The American Heart Association offers these stories from survivors of heart disease and stroke.
  • 37. Rise Above Heart Failure: Queen Latifah's Story Read how Queen Latifah and her mother Rita Owens have joined the American Heart Association's Rise Above Heart Failure movement to spread the word about heart failure and to help others understand the signs and symptoms of the condition, and how to manage it
  • 38. Maine Survivor Gathering Join us for the inaugural Go Red Survivor Gathering. This free event, from 5:30pm-6:45pm, is open to heart and stroke survivors to meet and chat with other survivors. Starting at 7:00, Pat Kirby, former Baltimore detective, FBI agent and inspiration for the character Clarisse in The Silence of the Lambs, will speak.
  • 39. Heart survivor - Karen Grant Heart survivor - Karen Grant
  • 40. Rise Above Heart Failure: Rita Owens' Story Read how Rita Owens and her daughter Queen Latifah have joined the American Heart Association's Rise Above Heart Failure movement to spread the word about heart failure and to help others understand the signs and symptoms of the condition, and how to manage it
  • 41. Nowell's Story: Co-workers Revive Heart Nowell's Story: Co-workers Revive Heart
  • 42. DontDieofDoubt_survivors Don't Die of Doubt - know the signs of a heart attack and call 911. Meet the survivors featured in the campaign
  • 43. Maine's Little Heart Hero Day Little Heart Hero Day in Maine for families affected by congenital heart defects. This family-friendly event will feature pumpkin decorating, live music, crafts and a chance for families to connect with one another.
  • 44. Congenital Heart Defects Personal Stories Hear personal stories from survivors with congenital heart defects and their families.
  • 45. Keith Ahrens' Story of Survival After a heart attack, Keith learned about sustainable heart-healthy eating, getting regular physical activity and changed his life.
  • 46. Young Adult Stroke Survivors Are you a stroke survivor? Several western Washington stroke survivors meet monthly to talk about challenges and opportunities they have faced during their recovery. Join them!
  • 47. Meet Blake in Bloomington Meet Blake in Bloomington
  • 48. Meet Zach in Whitewater Meet Zach in Whitewater
  • 49. Meet Cody in Cantrall Meet Cody in Cantrall
  • 50. Meet Joshua in Clinton Meet Joshua in Clinton

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