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  • 31. Tips for Eating French Food Tips for Eating Healthier French Food from The American Heart Association.
  • 32. Tips for Eating Greek Food Tips for Eating Heart-Healthy Greek Food from The American Heart Association.
  • 33. Your Heart Failure Healthcare Team Patients with heart failure may work with multiple healthcare professionals. The American Heart Association believes it is important for heart failure patients to develop good relationships with their healthcare team.
  • 34. Help For Heart Failure Caregivers Becoming a caregiver for someone with heart failure requires a long-term commitment of time and energy. The American Heart Association believes as a caregiver, you need a plan and you need support.
  • 35. Tips for Eating Vietnamese Food Tips for Eating Japanese Food from The American Heart Association.
  • 36. Tips for Eating Chinese Food Tips for Eating Healthier Chinese Food from The American Heart Association.
  • 37. Making Healthy Food and Lifestyle Choices Brochure This brochure gives a great overview of how you can make simple changes in your life and diet to improve your health. A healthy diet and lifestyle are the best weapons you have to fight cardiovascular disease. It's not as hard as you may think! Remember, it is the overall pattern of the choices you make that counts.
  • 38. No-Fad Diet Tips The American Heart Association offers these tips for losing weight the healthy way.
  • 39. Tips for Eating at Family Restaurants Tips for Eating at family restaurants from The American Heart Association.
  • 40. Five Simple Steps to Control Your Blood Pressure If you?ve been diagnosed with high blood pressure, these simple steps from the American Heart Associaion can help you keep it under control.

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