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  • 71. Why We Garden The American Heart Association explains why Teaching Gardens are so important to our mission.
  • 72. Symptoms, Diagnosis & Monitoring of High Cholesterol Three simple steps: get tested, make a plan and follow your doctor's recommendations to manage your cholesterol.
  • 73. Food Packaging Claims The American Heart Association helps you understand what the various claims on food packaging labels mean so you can make informed decisions about the food you buy for yourself and your family.
  • 74. Kitchen Equipment and Food Safety The American Heart Association's Simple Cooking with Heart program offers this valuable information and articles on kitchen equipment and food safety.
  • 75. Sugar Recommendation Healthy Kids and Teens The American Heart Association provides this visual of the sugar recommendations in children.
  • 76. Our Kids Programs The American Heart Association recommends strategies for prevention of heart disease and stroke that improve the social and physical environment for healthful eating and physical activity in children. Learn more about our children?s health initiatives.
  • 77. Making Healthy Choices The American Heart Association offers helpful information on making healthy choices to achieve a heart-healthy diet.
  • 78. Teaching Gardens-Curriculum These curriculum activities are examples of how the American Heart Association is engaging students in fun, educational, hands-on investigations of nutritious fruits and vegetables in and out of the garden.
  • 79. Mediterranean Diet The American Heart Association explains the basics of the Mediterranean Diet.
  • 80. Jim Zanos Read how Jim is managing his cholesterol.