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  • 31. The Dish: Dig In for Better Dining Out The American Heart Association offers these tips to a healthier dining out experience.
  • 32. Jim Zanos Read how Jim is managing his cholesterol.
  • 33. Elaine McCracken "In December of 1999, I was diagnosed with focal myocarditis. You might say that saved my life." Read Elaine McCracken's story.
  • 34. The Dish: Heart-Healthy Holiday Shopping The holiday season is here, and with it come all the usual temptations. From holiday parties to family dinners, savory treats are everywhere, making it hard not to indulge. But that?s OK ? our goal at the American Heart Association is to help you choose more heart-healthy indulgences and limit foods with high levels of ?bad? saturated and trans fats.
  • 35. B. Michael Thorne Read Mike Thorne's story about managing cholesterol.
  • 36. The Dish: Phasing Out Trans Fat in New York City The Dish: Phasing Out Trans Fat in New York City from the American Heart Association.
  • 37. Cholesterol Personal Stories Real patients share their experiences with lowering their cholesterol levels.
  • 38. Bad Fats Brothers' Downloads Bad Fats Brothers' Downloads
  • 39. Linda Pena Growing up on the U.S.-Mexico border, Linda Peņa never thought twice about the cholesterol-laden fried beef tacos that were a staple in her family. Now she knows that poor heart-health doesn't have to be a way of life. Read her story of survival.
  • 40. Omega-6 Fatty Acids A recent American Heart Association science advisory concludes that omega-6 fatty acids ? found in some vegetable oils, nuts and seeds ? are a beneficial part of a heart-healthy eating plan.

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