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  • 1. About CholesterolWhat is cholesterol? The American Heart Association helps you understand your cholesterol levels, what is good cholesterol ... rol/About-Cholesterol_UCM_001220_Article.jsp

  • 2. Understand Your Risk for High CholesterolHigh cholesterol is just one heart disease risk factor. The American Heart Association helps you to understand your risk for high cholesterol. ... rRiskforHighCholesterol/Understand-Your-Risk-for-High-Cholesterol_UCM_001213_Article.jsp _001213_Article.jsp

  • 3. Hey Kids, Learn About CholesterolThe American Heart Association offers these tips for kids on how to keep their cholesterol under control with Life's Simple 7. ... e7forKids/Hey-Kids-Learn-About-Cholesterol_UCM_466608_Article.jsp

  • 4. Cholesterol Archives - News on Lowering blood pressure, cholesterol doesn't curb cognitive decline. By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS. NEW ...

  • 5. Heart-Encyclopedia - cholesterol... cholesterol. Cholesterol is a soft, waxy substance found among the lipids (fats) in the bloodstream and in all the body's cells. ... 445084_Encyclopedia.jsp?title=cholesterol

  • 6. Heart-Encyclopedia - cholesterol ratio... cholesterol ratio. Cholesterol ratio is obtained by dividing the high-density lipoprotein (HDL or “good”) cholesterol level into the total cholesterol. ... 445084_Encyclopedia.jsp?title=cholesterol%20ratio

  • 7. Use of cholesterol-lowering drugs before cardiac arrest may ...Patients who have been taking cholesterol-lowering drugs are likely to survive longer after a cardiac arrest than those who are not taking them. ... diac-arrest-may-aid-survival/

  • 8. Cholesterol in the Family - Heart Insight Mag - Summer 2016If we eat animal products, we take in cholesterol as part of our diets. But ... Family. Cholesterol in the Family. By Jon Caswell. ... y/

  • 9. Cholesterol and Heart Disease - Go Red For WomenYour risk for heart disease caused by cholesterol is largely preventable. ... I want to Go Red.go red. Edit. My go red plan. Cholesterol and Heart Disease ... your-risk-for-heart-disease/cholesterol-heart-disease/

  • 10. Inherited High Cholesterol Increases Risk - Stroke Connection ...Patients who experience high cholesterol due to an inherited genetic disorder from one of their parents—heterozygous familial ... High-Cholesterol-Increases-Risk/

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