Resources For Caregivers

Updated:Jun 27,2017

These resources will help you better care for someone who has heart disease or who has had a heart attack, heart surgery or a stroke.



  • Communication Tips
    As a caregiver, you need to communicate with many people to survive. Constructive and effective communication is vital. Find helpful tips to communicate with your family and healthcare team.
  • Emotional Upheaval
    As a caregiver, you have to be realistic about what can and can't be controlled. You can't control the fact that your loved one has a chronic or progressive disease or the impact of that disease. But you CAN control how you respond to the situation. 
  • couple on laptopEmotional Support: Connect With Other Caregivers
    As a caregiver, with all your added responsibilities you may be putting your own health and happiness on hold. There are probably days when you feel like you've "lost yourself." You're not alone. Many caregivers feel that way.

Caring for someone...

                   after heart surgery  |  after heart attack  |  with heart failure  |  after stroke  

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