About The Institute For Precision Cardiovascular Medicine

Updated:Jun 29,2016

What is the AHA Institute for Precision Cardiovascular Medicine?

Significant advances in our understanding of the human genome have unraveled many important mechanisms of various diseases, helped identify new treatments for some and even reversed disease in others. The AHA Institute for Precision Cardiovascular Medicine will engage patients to equip the research community in creating better-targeted, safer and more effective prevention strategies and treatments by taking into account a person’s genes, environment and lifestyle. The Institute is:

  • An integrative knowledge exchange
  • A platform of strategic collaborations
  • An opportunity for you to take part in designing the future of medicine

Precision Medicine is about collecting, linking and leveraging all the available information to improve your health. A marquee project of AHA Institute for Cardiovascular Precision Medicine, the AHA Precision Medicine Platform is a state-of-the-art data discovery portal designed to unite and engage clinicians, researchers, information scientists, and computer engineers. The aim is to gather, harmonize, and analyze cardiovascular data on a scale that has never before been possible to enable new insights critical to personalizing the prevention and management of heart disease and stroke.

As the honest broker between academic institutions, industry, healthcare systems and government, the AHA unites these groups together to fuel and fund the science needed to move the field forward in unison.

For questions or more information please email institute@heart.org.

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