The Guideline Transformation & Optimization Initiative

The Guideline Transformation and Optimization Initiative: A Headstart in the Race to Save Lives
The American Heart Association knows there is a need for speed when it comes to improving patient care. That’s why we launched the Guideline Transformation and Optimization initiative. The initiative unites science and medical leaders, quality improvement experts, healthcare professionals, patients and caregivers in a coordinated effort to improve patient outcomes by applying innovative processes and technology tools to:
  • Streamline guidelines implementation
  • Activate medical professionals to leverage science faster and measure clinical effectiveness
  • Empower patients and caregivers to use guidelines for better managing health conditions

Our First Target
Each year nearly 515,000 Americans experience Non ST segment elevation Acute Coronary Syndrome (NSTE-ACS), a heart attack that results from a partial blockage of a coronary artery. Through the Guideline Optimization and Transformation initiative, the American Heart Association is working to increase the likelihood of survival for patients that have suffered from NSTE-ACS.

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AstraZeneca is a proud inaugural sponsor of the American Heart Association's Guideline Transformation and Optimization Initiative.