Strategies for the Ideal STEMI and Cardiac Resuscitation Referral Center

Updated:Aug 23,2013

Mission: Lifeline has defined strategies for the ideal STEMI and cardiac resuscitation Referring (non-PCI) Center.

In addition to the strategies for ideal strategies for a STEMI Referring Center, the below strategies exist for the STEMI and Cardiac Resuscitation Referring Center:

  • Designated hospital champion for Cardiac Resuscitation
  • Actively participates in multidisciplinary team meetings to monitor and improve Cardiac Resuscitation care process and outcome
  • Implements and maintains standard triage and treatment protocols for Cardiac Resuscitation patient consistent with ACC/AHA guidelines
  • Implements and maintains a plan with EMS to ensure inter-hospital transfers receive priority response
  • Initiates hypothermia as soon as possible, when indicated
  • Not capable of PPCI
  • Transports early patients resuscitated from OHCA to Cardiac Resuscitation Receiving Center to allow angiography of cath eligible/appropriate patients as soon as possible, to achieve goal of first door to device within 120 minutes
  • Implements and maintains ability to treat re-arrest including mechanical device and pharmacological support if indicated
  • Provides CPR training for community, with goal of achieving bystander CPR rates > 50%
  • Provides CPR and ACLS training for appropriate staff • External certification not self-designation as part of cardiac resuscitation system of care
  • Should include at least compression-only CPR training for all employees