Mission: Lifeline Recognition Program

Updated:Jul 12,2013
The Mission: Lifeline Hospital Recognition Program seeks to identify and recognize all hospitals that work to improve their overall quality of care for STEMI patients and ultimately, all myocardial infaction patients.
  • The program uses ACTION Registry® - GWTG™ (AR-G) as the preferred performance measurement tool.
  • All hospitals must also be registered with Mission: Lifeline. For those hospitals not associated with an approved STEMI System, hospitals may fill out a registration form.
  • The award is granted on an annual basis.
  • Applications are based off of each hospital's AR-G performance percentages and each hospital's ability to meet Mission: Lifeline Recognition Benchmarks.
  • For the 2010 application period only, Mission: Lifeline notified all hospitals for their eligibility for the recognition program.
  • All 2010 eligible hospitals received a permission form and a pre-filled application form.
  • Eligible hospitals will need to submit the electronic permission form and pre-filled application, the application will be reviewed and verified by the AHA.
  • All recognized hospitals will be notified by their local Mission: Lifeline and/or GWTG representatives.
  • Contact your local Mission: Lifeline and/or GWTG representative for additional details.
  • Currently the program focuses on STEMI Referring and STEMI-Receiving Centers.

    For further questions, please e-mail Mission: Lifeline.