Mission: Lifeline Ideal Public

Updated:Jul 17,2012
Within the ideal STEMI system of care, patients and the local community would:
  • Recognize the symptoms of a heart attack and cardiac arrest.
  • Realize the importance of activating emergency medical services (EMS) via 9-1-1 promptly and getting treatment quickly.
  • Initiate hands-only CPR.
  • Be familiar with their local hospital's role in the delivery of STEMI and cardiac resuscitation care.

The ideal system would:
  • Promote culturally competent educational efforts with clear and consistent messages
  • Use multiple strategies to increase skills and awareness of CPR
  • Implement and maintain public access to defibrillators as well as a training program
  • Include patient representatives on community planning coalitions
  • Provide highly coordinated and patient-centered care

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