Mission: Lifeline Hospital Accreditation Informational Webinar

Updated:Oct 3,2013
Mission: Lifeline Hospital Accreditation Informational Webinar
Monday, October 21st, 2013; 2:00PM – 3:00PM (CDT)

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A quarterly Mission: Lifeline Hospital Accreditation informational webinar will be hosted by the American Heart Association and Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care on Monday, October 21st at 2:00pm CDT to provide information on how hospitals may achieve Mission: Lifeline Accreditation as a Heart Attack Receiving or Referring Center. The webinar will include the evolution of Mission: Lifeline recognition to accreditation, benefits of achieving accreditation, examples of how hospitals are using the accreditation Heart-Check mark to promote their hospital, and information on how to apply.
Guest speakers from an accredited facility will provide their experience in achieving Mission: Lifeline Accreditation and share ideas and examples of how they are promoting achievement of accreditation. 

For further information about Mission: Lifeline® Accreditation, please contact the Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care at (877) 271-4176, email Randy Harmon at rharmon@scpcp.org or Puja Patel at accreditation@heart.org.
Visit our accreditation website for more information about Mission: Lifeline Accreditation!