Defining the Players

Updated:Jul 12,2013

A STEMI system of care is comprised of a team of healthcare professionals.
Just like any team, each player has a role to fulfill and can achieve greater things by working with others than by going it alone. Physicians, nurses, emergency medical service (EMS) providers, STEMI-referring (non-PCI) hospitals and STEMI-receiving (PCI-capable) hospitals join forces to deliver timely care to victims of ST-elevation myocardial infarction, the deadliest type of heart attack.

Unfortunately, most Americans do not live in an area where there is an established STEMI system of care, despite the great need. That’s where health agencies, the public and policymakers come into play. Health agencies such as departments of health, rural health associations and quality improvement organizations raise awareness across the nation about the Mission: Lifeline cause. They educate the public and help recruit advocates. Then, these agencies and private citizens seek to influence policymakers, promoting important legislation and public policies regarding timely STEMI care for people across this nation.