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Updated:Dec 10,2015

All information reported on this site pertains to the Mission: Lifeline® reports, report set up, and interpretation. If you are attempting to access information regarding ACTION Registry-GWTG, please visit (link opens in new window).

Hospital Reports
Mission: Lifeline relies on data collected from receiving and referring centers through their participation in ACTION Registry®-GWTG™.  The data is used to assess hospital teams’ performance relative to guidelines developed by the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology for the management of STEMI patients. Each quarter, participating hospitals receive feedback reports from Mission: Lifeline to help them evaluate their progress and target areas for improvement. Currently, Mission: Lifeline only provides reports for hospital and regional STEMI care. Plans are underway to expand the reporting offering to include cardiac resuscitation systems of care.

If your Mission: Lifeline-registered hospital participates in ACTION Registry-GWTG and would like to receive Mission: Lifeline reports, please complete and submit the following forms:

  1. Hospital Registration Form
  2. Hospital Data Release Consent Form

Regional Reports
In addition to hospital-level reports, Mission: Lifeline now provides quarterly regional-level reports to any region with hospitals that participate in ACTION Registry-GWTG. View a Sample Regional Report.

Please note that to obtain quarterly regional reports, a consent form must be completed on behalf of each hospital participating in the regional report  and sent to Regions can have their data blinded or identified. If you have questions, consult our Systems Report FAQ. (Word document opens in new window) Additionally, you may email us at to be put in contact with a Mission: Lifeline staff member local to you area.

Please select only one of the consent forms:

Data Analysis
Use our interpretation manuals and glossaries to learn how the data is analyzed.

Mission: Lifeline Receiving Center Reports
Receiving Center Interpretation Manual
Receiving Center Glossary

Mission: Lifeline Referring Center Reports
Referring Center Interpretation Manual
Referring Center Glossary

Mission: Lifeline Regional Reports
Regional Hospital Report Interpretation Manual
Regional Hospital Report Glossary