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Updated:Apr 12,2017

All information reported on this site pertains to the Mission: Lifeline® program.

To support participation in Mission: Lifeline and cardiovascular quality improvement, the American Heart Association is pleased to once again, offer Get with the Guidelines-CAD (GWTG-CAD). GWTG-CAD was the American Heart Association's premier AMI registry from 2005-2010. Effective April 7, 2017, GWTG-CAD is once again live and available as a tool to track AMI process data. GWTG-CAD is now the primary data source for Mission: Lifeline program data. New and existing participants in the Mission: Lifeline program will enroll directly with AHA.

Similar to our other Get With The Guidelines program, GWTG-CAD will be supported by QuintilesIMS. Together, the AHA and QuintilesIMS offer unmatched customer service and quality improvement and systems of care implementation expertise. GWTG-CAD will use the features and functions you love from the Patient Management Tool, including timely access to Mission: Lifeline process data, reports (hospital level and regional level), and progress toward Mission: Lifeline Recognition.

Benefits of participating in GWTG-CAD include:

  • Streamlined data collection to support Mission: Lifeline system reports and AHA Recognition
  • Flexible patient populations with the ability to enter STEMI only or NSTEM and ACS populations
  • National and local recognition for award winning hospitals
  • One on one STEMI Systems of Care consultative services by seasoned AHA Quality Systems professionals
  • Clinical tools, resources, and best practice sharing
  • Patient education resources
  • Robust real-time reporting, including system of care and quality measures
  • Future iterations to include additional elements and reports to support full CAD improvement efforts
  • FREE for participants in 2017
  • For current GWTG participants, use of the familiar Quintiles platform
  • CSV Uploader functionality will be available in June, further reducing the data entry burden
Download the GWTG-CAD Patient Management Tool Form

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Mission: Lifeline Legacy Data 2010-Q4 2016

Mission: Lifeline Receiving Center Reports (2010 - Q4 2016)
Receiving Center Interpretation Manual
Receiving Center Glossary

Mission: Lifeline Referring Center Reports (2010 - Q4 2016)
Referring Center Interpretation Manual
Referring Center Glossary

Mission: Lifeline Regional Reports (2010 - Q4 2016)
Regional Hospital Report Interpretation Manual
Regional Hospital Report Glossary