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With a growing number of accreditation choices, it's important to consider what matters to your hospital and community. Does the accrediting body have credibility with your patients? Can your hospital team expect support through resources, education, expertise and access to research?

When you partner with the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association, the answers are yes.

A full range of stroke certificationsThe first cardiovascular center of excellence accreditation
Available to all hospitals nationwide. Learn how your hospital can maximize — and demonstrate — its stroke treatment capabilities through stroke certification.Cardiovascular Center of Excellence is a new accreditation for hospitals demonstrating guidelines-driven care across a spectrum of service lines.
Heart Attack Referring and Receiving Center AccreditationsComprehensive hypertension center certification
Help save more lives from STEMI by supporting your regional system of care as an accredited referring or receiving center.The latest addition to our certification program identifies physician practices with the expertise to treat complex and challenging hypertension cases.
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