Cardiovascular Center of Excellence

The Cardiovascular Center of Accreditation
A new way of integrating your cardiovascular care. And elevating your cardiovascular profile.

Cardiovascular Center of Excellence (CVCOE) accreditation is the first accreditation program of its kind. Offered by the American Heart Association, it provides an overarching capstone that helps coordinate guideline driven care, quality improvement, and harmonize data across the entire cardiovascular service line.

How CVCOE Accreditation Supports Quality Improvement
  • More integrated care delivery across cardiovascular service lines
  • Better outcomes for cardiovascular patients through the use of a systemized, evidence-based approach
  • Identification of gaps based on observation of trends and patterns across the service line to reduce variations in care
  • Alignment with the industry leaders in cardiovascular care
  • Alignment with best practices in coordinated care to improve efficiency, contributing to improved outcomes, both clinical and financial
  • Reduction in duplicative data entry via data harmonization
  • More effective and economic use of data and personnel
How CVCOE Accreditation Efficiency
How CVCOE Accreditation Supports Knowledge Sharing
  • Opportunities to participate in a national forum for accredited hospitals
  • High-level educational webinars
  • Best-practice sharing with other leaders in CV care
  • Alignment with the American Heart Association and the iconic Heart-Check mark, a symbol patients know and trust
  • Public recognition for accreditation achievement
  • Promotion through AHA marketing efforts and online tools
  • Placement on AHA's quality map at
How CVCOE Accreditation Supports High-Profile Awareness
Getting Started
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Review the Eligibility Requirements

Review the eligibility requirements for Cardiovascular Center of Excellence Accreditation (PDF) to learn more about what it takes for your facility to become a CVCOE.

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