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Updated:Mar 5,2013
Your Get With The Guidelines®-Stroke Toolbox
Click below for tools and resources that can take you through implementation and help your hospital team — and your patients — get the full value from Get With The Guidelines participation.

Getting Started
Steps to program implementation, from your first contact with the Get With The Guidelines representative to celebrating your hospital’s performance recognition.
Team Meeting Tools
A guide to organizing, motivating and mobilizing your Get With The Guidelines team.
Success Stories
Learn from the best. Read what other hospital teams are doing get the most out of their program participation.         
Smoking-Cessation Resources
Tools and tips to help your patients quit for good.           
Clinical Tools
Stroke-specific order sets, discharge instructions, patient education materials and other resources to make your hospital more effective.
ASTP Information
Everything you need to know about our Acute Stroke Treatment Program.

More Information
Find additional educational resources.


Get With The Guidelines®-Stroke

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