Best Practices Center Overview

Updated:Oct 6,2016
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An overview for best practice site users

This site is for both new Get With The Guidelines® users and existing users who want to sustain and enrich the quality they’ve already achieved through best practices.

Although all best practices included on the site relate to heart failure and stroke care and/or the Get With The Guidelines program, they address a wide range of improvement opportunities, including:

  • Using unit resources and/or other departments to identify opportunities for improved patient care expediting change implementation
  • Removing barriers to the use of order sets
  • Encouraging documentation accuracy and compliance while promoting a culture of mutual respect and physician approachability
  • Identifying other in-hospital processes or resources that can be applied to heart failure or stroke care
  • Creating unique positions to ensure consistency and core measure compliance
  • Instituting multi-pronged education efforts
  • Creating unique education programs, tools and opportunities
  • Enacting dedicated data abstraction for timely review of data and fallout resolution
  • Quantifying cost savings from improved outcomes to justify resources

The information shared includes details of each hospital’s individual best practice(s), along with the tools and educational programs used in implementation.

All best practices outlined come from experienced clinicians and professionals who are well versed in policy, regulations and quality measures — people who know what works and what doesn’t and why. Each best practice is the result of a specific need, a defined process to meet that need, the application of a solution and it quantifiable success.

Whether you adopt one of more of the best practices offered here or use them as an impetus to develop new best practices uniquely suited to your hospital, we hope this site will prove helpful in expediting and meeting your quality goals.

Thanks for sharing.

This site would not have been possible without the contributions of numerous healthcare organizations, physicians and clinical professionals. We are grateful for their generosity in sharing their knowledge, experience and creativity.