Best Practices Center Data Management

Updated:Apr 18,2011

The best practices included in this section support Get With The Guidelines® implementation and help participating hospitals gain the greatest possible benefit from the data made available through the use of the program.

These documents have been provided to the American Heart Association by the below hospitals as examples of data management best practices.  These documents are available only to give you an idea of how some hospitals might use discharge data management best practices. By including this document on its Web site, the American Heart Association does not represent that these documents are complete, accurate or efficacious, or that it follows all of the American Heart Association guidelines for secondary and primary prevention of cardiovascular events or stroke. Hospitals should design their own data management best practices based on their own procedures and professional experience.


I.     Justification for Part Time Dedicated Data Abstractor

II.    The Successful Team Approach to Data Abstraction

III.    Timely and Accurate Data, A Catalyst for Quality