Target: HF Patient Education

Updated:Oct 12,2016
Patient Education Guide and Awareness Poster Guide and Poster
Handout pieces that serve as discussion-starters with patients plus posters for waiting rooms, examining rooms and other public places.

Target: Heart Failure Patient Education Fact Sheet
The Get With The Guidelines/Target: Heart Failure Patient Education fact sheet was developed to explain the importance of patient education and the rationale for why specific information is important to obtain.  Patient education is a critical success factor in helping patients manage their heart failure.  By ensuring that your hospital has set goals surrounding patient education and has a clear understanding of what information is most important to convey to patients, you can help improve the overall quality of life with those affected by heart failure.  This fact sheet is an effective tool in helping your hospital make patient education a priority.
Heath Care Professionals' Fact vs. Failure Sheet
Breaking news, little-known facts, developing trends and points of interest surrounding heart failure, including patient-oriented information you can pass along.

Guide to Tools for Targeting HF
A guide to using heart failure materials as well as suggestions for sharing information with patients, caregivers and colleagues.

Health Care Professionals’ Poster and Table Tent
Information tools for break rooms, hospital cafeterias, nurses’ stations and other places where professionals gather.