Get With The Guidelines®-CAD Supports Mission: Lifeline

Updated:Aug 10,2017

GWTG-Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) was the flagship GWTG module for AMI quality improvement from 2005-2010. In April 2017, The AHA was pleased to announce the re-launch of GWTG-CAD which is fully supporting the Mission: Lifeline program and cardiovascular quality improvement activities. Similar to the AHA’s other Get With The Guidelines programs, GWTG-CAD is supported by QuintilesIMS and was built with familiar features and streamlined functionality. Together, the AHA and QuintilesIMS offer unmatched customer service along with quality improvement and systems of care implementation expertise.

Since 2010, the AHA’s Mission: Lifeline program has recognized hospitals for their outstanding performance in high quality systems care performance by meeting or exceeding guideline therapy recommendations in treating patients presenting with STEMI heart attacks. Beginning with the 2018 recognition cycle, GWTG-CAD data is the only data source that will be analyzed for Mission: Lifeline STEMI and NSTEMI Recognition. For the 2018 recognition cycle (using data from Q1-Q4 2017, one quarter of Mission: Lifeline data is required to be eligible for Mission: Lifeline recognition analysis.

GWTG-CAD also supports the Mission: Lifeline program through:

  • AHA Quality Improvement and Systems Implementation staff support – Over 120 local staff plus additional national staff
  • Mission: Lifeline recognition analysis
  • Providing robust, Real-Time Mission: Lifeline Regional data/reports supporting regional STEMI systems implementation and optimization
  • Providing robust Mission: Lifeline Real-Time measure hospital level adherence feedback
  • Access to user friendly feedback reports for EMS and Referring Hospitals
  • Being an approved data source for Mission: Lifeline STEMI Accreditation
  • Providing patient level drill down capability for all Mission: Lifeline measures, including EMS FMC to PCI
  • Offering low cost Super-User access for regional and/or state level surveillance with full data export for even further systems data analytics
  • Providing professional education specific to Mission: Lifeline and Systems of Care
  • Increased engagement opportunities for STEMI Referring Hospitals
  • Providing cost effective solution for critical access hospital participation in Mission: Lifeline

For more information on GWTG-CAD and/or Mission: Lifeline participation, contact GWTG-CAD/Mission: Lifeline