Data Interface Solutions

Updated:Nov 6,2017
Did you know a number of core measure vendors support data interface solutions for Get With The Guidelines-Stroke and Get With The Guidelines-Heart Failure? Learn more about how you could take advantage of these tools to streamline your data collection efforts and what vendors support these solutions.
Contact your individual vendor for pricing on these solutions. The list of vendors is constantly expanding, so please check with us if you do not see your vendor below. There may be an interface available shortly. You can also contact your local GWTG Director or the Outcome Science Helpdesk at for more details or to obtain a vendor specific FAQ.
There are two types of interface solutions: (1) Web Service Solution and (2) Standard Uploader Solution

Web Service Solutions: The web service tool accepts the electronic submission of data by external vendors, in real time, on a record-by-record basis. This means the data abstractor enters the data into their core measure vendor’s tool and a portion of that data is automatically transmitted to populate certain elements in the Get With The Guidelines-Heart Failure or Stroke Patient Management Tool (PMT).

Web Service Vendors:
  • Heartbase (Stroke)
  • Midas+ (Heart Failure & Stroke)
  • Press Ganey (Stroke)
  • Q-Centrix (Stroke)
  • Quantros (Heart Failure & Stroke)
  • UHC (Heart Failure and Stroke)
Standard Uploader Solution: The “Standard Uploader” is available for free to all hospitals using the Stroke & Heart Failure PMTs. The Standard Uploader can take a CSV (comma separated value) file, as long as it is formatted to our specifications, and upload it into the GWTG PMT. Some core measure vendors offer files for download that are already formatted to GWTG specifications for upload into the Get With The Guidelines PMT.

There may be an additional charge from your core measure vendor for this file.

Standard Uploader Vendors:
  • Corazon's Cerebros Application (Stroke)
  • Midas+ (Stroke)
  • Nuance (Heart Failure & Stroke)
  • Truven Health (Heart Failure & Stroke)