2014-06-09 Current quality of cardiovascular prevention for Million Hearts: an analysis of 147,038 outpatients from The Guideline Advantage

Eapen ZJ, Liang L, Shubrook JH, Bauman MA, Bufalino VJ, Bhatt DL, Peterson ED, Hernandez AF [Epub 6/09/14]

2014-04-30 Evolution of “The Guideline Advantage”: Lessons Learned From the Front Lines of Outpatient Performance Measurement

Vincent Bufalino, MD: Mary Ann Bauman, MD; Jay Shubrook, DO; Alan J. Balch, PhD; Christopher Boone, MHA; Katy Vennum, MPH; Sara Bradley; Richard C. Wender, MD; Regan Minners; Donna Arnett, PhD, on behalf of the American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association, and American Heart Association. Keywords: The Guideline Advantage

We are beginning a new era of quality improvement in the management of chronic diseases in the clinic setting. This paper details one of the most in-depth outpatient databases in the country for quality improvement –a high priority for the prevention and clinical management of cancer, coronary artery disease, diabetes, and related complications. This article contains reviews regarding the work in Federally Qualified Health Centers and how the centers are bringing quality benchmarking to their entities. Read how practices can benchmark their performances against others in the country, which for some may be the first time they can compare their outcomes to other similar practices. Enabling healthcare providers and researchers to leverage the wealth of data now being collected in the outpatient setting for quality improvement and population health management will ultimately improve the health of patients across the country.