Hospital Level GWTG Data and Research

Updated:May 7,2018

American Heart Association | American Stroke Association® (AHA) Get With The Guidelines® (GWTG) participating hospitals can run reports, view their own data as well as benchmark data for their internal quality improvement efforts using the Patient Management Tool™ (PMT).

These hospitals may also want to analyze and publish their hospital level data at conferences, in journals or on websites. Use of other hospitals data in analysis or comparison must have prior approval. If GWTG is mentioned in an intended publication, review by AHA national quality research staff is required.

National aggregate benchmark data, usually obtained from the PMT, may not be used as comparative data in any published format, including abstracts, manuscripts, webpages, etc.

AHA has a responsibility to make sure that hospital level research publications are not confused with national level GWTG research that includes all sites and has gone through rigorous statistical analysis and is used to drive national guidelines and policy statements.

See “Hospital Data referencing GWTG for Research or Public Display” for details.