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The American Heart Association’s Workplace Health Solutions offers a suite of evidence-based tools to help you maximize your current employee health program.

With our solutions you can a) assess your programs and supporting workplace environment, b) consult resources to make improvements, c) engage your employees with tools and trackers to reach ideal cardiovascular health, d) access reports to monitor progress, and e) qualify for recognition from the American Heart Association.

The Journey Starts Here

Improving your employee health program starts with signing up to use the AHA’s Workplace Health Achievement Index (“Index”).

The Index is a confidential, organizational self-assessment of:

  • Workplace culture of health measures in seven best practice categories, and
  • Performance measures on the heart health of your workforce based on aggregate employee data from using the AHA’s My Life Check health assessment or submitting similar data from another source.

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Employees Already Using My Life Check?

Start here if your company already uses My Life Check, and you would like to connect the Index to your current account.

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How to Set Up a Company Account

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Using My Life Check

Workplace Health

2016 List of Recognized Companies

National Workplace Health Summit

Companies participating in the AHA’s Workplace Health Achievement Index are eligible for annual recognition and awards from the American Heart Association based on their Index scores.

Need More Information?

For general program inquiries, please contact us at:

For technical assistance or for more information on how to submit Life’s Simple 7 Equivalent data, please contact us at: or

"Our employees are what make our company great, and their health is an important part of our success. We know that, in the U.S., at least 200,000 deaths from heart disease could be prevented each year through changes in health habits. We need to make it easier for our employees to make these changes—to make healthy choices and lead healthy lives. That means leading by example.”

— Terry Lundgren, Executive Chairman, Macy’s, Inc., CEO Roundtable Co-Chairman

AHA CEO Roundtable

The CEO Roundtable works together to identify cutting-edge new programs to help get America heart healthy. By promoting "Life Simple 7" as an evidence-based common standard, they help employees model the seven simple behavior changes identified by the American Heart Association to significantly improve health.

Learn more about the American Heart Association’s CEO Roundtable and their dedication to making the healthy choice the default choice in America’s workplaces.

CEO Roundtable - Henry R. Kravis, Nancy Brown, Terry Lundgren