What is My Life Check?

Updated:Feb 1,2016
  • My Life Check is the American Heart Association’s online heart health assessment and employee engagement tool based on the science of Life’s Simple 7®.
  • Life’s Simple 7 are seven health behaviors and health factors critical to achieving cardiovascular health: not smoking, eating healthier, getting physically active, achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, managing blood pressure, controlling cholesterol, and reducing blood sugar.
  • Abundant scientific evidence has demonstrated that people achieving ideal levels of all 7 measures (“ideal cardiovascular health”) have significant lower risk of heart disease and stroke, and improved longevity, quality of life and mental health. These health improvements have been shown to lead to lower healthcare costs.
  • Companies can create a corporate account and then offer My Life Check to their employees who will be able to log in, create a profile, take the assessment, and keep an ongoing record of their health.
  • My Life Check converts their answers into a score out of 10, which is easy for employees to understand the tool offers personalized recommendations that allow users to take action to improve their heart health.
  • Users can access My Life Check from their desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet.
  • My Life Check also synchs with other activity and health tracking devices and apps, which makes it easy for employees to integrate into existing health routines.
  • The initial assessment is very brief, fewer than 20 questions which can be completed in about five minutes. Users can update their information at their own pace and see if their heart health score has improved progress through the easy-to-use online format.
  • My Life Check uses the highest level of security to protect individual users’ information. Data is stored on a secure, HIPPA compliant database and employers do not see any employees’ personal health information.
  • For employers, an administrative portal is available to view dashboard reports of aggregate My Life Check data for tracking improvements in the health of the overall workforce over time.
  • When used with the American Heart Association’s Workplace Health Achievement Index, there is no cost to a company to use the My Life Check tool offered through this website.

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