No-Smoking Confidence Assessment and Tips

Updated:Jun 24,2015

How confident are you that you can resist the urge to smoke in the 14 situations below? Use the tips to help you fight the urge in situations where you're not so confident.

0% - 20% Not at all confident
30% - 40% Slightly confident
50% - 70% Fairly confident
80% - 100% Very confident

1. When you feel bored or depressed.
Confidence score = ________

  • If you start feeling depressed, move around. You may be able to change your mood with a quick walk around the block or to another room.
  • Talk to someone. Telephone a friend or find a neighbor or co-worker to chat with.
  • Get books from the library or buy some magazines. Choose books and magazines you enjoy and that are easy to read.
  • Treat yourself. Rent or buy movies to watch at home.
  • Keep busy. If you have work you've been putting off, do it now. You'll feel great afterwards. Be sure to do pleasant activities too.
  • Other ideas: ______________________________________________________

2. When you see others smoking.
Confidence score = ________

  • For the first few weeks, try to stay away from all smokers. They might give you a cigarette if you seem to want one.
  • If you know the person who is smoking, tell them you quit because of your health.
  • If you expect to see friends who smoke, practice saying "No thanks. I've quit!"
  • Other ideas: ______________________________________________________

3. When you want to relax or rest.
Confidence score = ________

  • Lie back in a comfortable chair and relax for 10 to 15 minutes. Use a relaxation tape.
  • If you don't have time for a full session, breathe in deeply and slowly while you count to five. Then breathe out slowly for 5 counts.
  • Take a short walk.
  • Start a hobby that calms you, such as making models, sewing or doing jigsaw puzzles.
  • Other ideas: ______________________________________________________

4. When you want to sit back and enjoy a cigarette.
Confidence score = ________

  • Do something you like to do. For a few weeks, ask your family to let you watch your favorite TV shows and pick the music you like to hear.
  • You know when your body wants a cigarette to relax. Plan what else you will do. For example, if you always used to smoke after a meal, plan to get up from the table as soon as you're finished eating and go for a walk.
  • If you used to relax with a cigarette in a certain spot, go to a different spot for awhile.
  • If cigarettes served as a reward for you, find another reward such as 5 to 10 minutes of relaxation.
  • Other ideas: ______________________________________________________

5. When you are watching TV.
Confidence score = ________

  • Do something with your hands while you watch TV, such as sewing, knitting, building a model, doing a puzzle, sorting photographs or looking at the newspaper.
  • Get up and stretch during the commercials, or walk around the house.
  • Sip water with lemon or eat a healthy snack.
  • If TV gives you strong urges, do something else for awhile, such as listening to music, playing cards or going to movies.
  • Other ideas: ______________________________________________________

6. When you are in a car.
Confidence score = ________

  • Remove the ashtray from your car. Leave it out, or wash it and put it back with a photo of someone you love inside.
  • Roll down the window (if the weather isn't too bad). Breathe deeply.
  • Keep gum or low-calorie snacks in the car.
  • When you see smokers in other cars, feel sorry for them. You know their cars will smell bad the rest of the day.
  • If you're riding with others, ask them not to smoke.
  • Other ideas: ______________________________________________________

7. When you finish a meal or snack.
Confidence score = ________

  • Don't stay at the table. Get up and do something else.
  • Eat a low-calorie food (carrots, fruit, etc.) so you can continue to eat after the main meal is over.
  • Brush your teeth.
  • Use a mouthwash or spray your mouth with a breath freshener.
  • In restaurants, always sit in the nonsmoking section.
  • If you are alone, phone a friend as soon as you finish eating.
  • Other ideas: ______________________________________________________

8. When you feel frustrated, worried, upset, tense, nervous, angry, anxious or annoyed.
Confidence score = ________

  • Warn your family and friends that you may be in a bad mood for a few weeks. Ask them to be patient with you.
  • If you feel very bad-tempered, count to 10 to calm yourself.
  • Take time to relax every day. When you feel tense or anxious, breathe in slowly while you count to 5. Then breathe out while you count to 5 again.
  • Move around! Walk down the hall, around the block or around the yard.
  • Make sure to do something you enjoy every day.
  • Other ideas: ______________________________________________________

9. When you want to snack, but you don't want to gain weight.
Confidence score = ________

  • Be sure you have low-calorie foods to eat, such as vegetables, fruits, popcorn, etc. (See list in Part 4.)
  • Carry some low-calorie food with you at all times. Put these foods in places where you spend a lot of time (in your car, at work, etc.)
  • Keep sugarless gum in your purse or pocket. Try several different flavors.
  • Other ideas: ______________________________________________________

10. When you need more energy or can't concentrate.
Confidence score = ________

  • If you have an important job to do, give yourself plenty of time to do it. If you can't concentrate, you may need to work in short bursts.
  • Remember that your skills are just as good as they always were. When you really need energy, it will come to you.
  • Take a short walk to "wake up."
  • Other ideas: ______________________________________________________

11. When someone offers you a cigarette.
Confidence score = ________

  • This is your chance to show off! Tell them you quit smoking, and enjoy telling your story.
  • You may prefer not to be in this situation. As soon as you see someone pull out a pack of cigarettes, tell them you have quit.
  • Stay away from places where you know smokers gather.
  • Other ideas: ______________________________________________________

12. When you drink coffee or tea.
Confidence score = ________

  • Change your habits. For example, sit in a different chair, use a different cup, or stand while you drink.
  • Try a new flavor of coffee or tea, and try to describe how it tastes.
  • Hold each sip in your mouth while you silently count to three.
  • Have a little bit of toast, cracker or other low-calorie food.
  • Other ideas: ______________________________________________________

13. When you are in a situation where alcohol is involved.
Confidence score = ________

  • The best solution is: don't drink alcohol. If you continue to drink, have just one drink a day. Drink fruit juices or soda water instead of alcohol.
  • If you feel you can't cut back to one drink a day, you may have a drinking problem. Call AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) for help and to ask if they have nonsmoking meetings in your neighborhood.
  • If you need to go to places where alcohol and cigarettes are used, plan what you will do. For example, stay close to nonsmokers, ask for a non-alcoholic drink, and keep your hands and mouth busy with conversation and low-fat snacks.
  • Other ideas: ______________________________________________________

14. When you are in a situation in which you feel smoking is part of your self-image.
Confidence score = ________

  • Maybe smoking was "cool" 20 years ago, but not anymore. Remember that smoking is no longer popular.
  • Do something to improve your self-image. For example, shop for clothes to go along with the "new" you, or get a new haircut.
  • Think about all of those role models who smoked and died of lung cancer.
  • Other ideas: ______________________________________________________

Last reviewed 6/2015

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