Using the Right Fitness Tools

Updated:Aug 7,2015

keeping trackLosing weight and being fit depends on a successful combination of healthy eating and physical activity. If you are just starting out on your weight-loss journey, here are some tools that can help you reach your goals:

  •  AHA Diet and Lifestyle RecommendationsEating well starts with both understanding what goes into a well-balanced diet and how to use that information to make nutritious meals. We can help you learn how to plan your daily menus around those essentials.
  • Sodium and Fats Explorer - This easy-to-use tool calculates your personalized daily calorie needs, recommended range for total fats, limits for the "bad" fats: saturated and trans, sodium information and gives recommendations designed specifically for you.
  • Keep Track of What You Eat - If you haven’t already calculated the number of calories you should eat each day, use our Food Diary.

Now that you’ve established a calorie goal, you can learn about suggested servings and accurate portion sizes at our nutrition center. You can also try some free heart-healthy recipes for your meals at home, along with information on how to eat well when dining out.

Getting Fit

  • AHA Physical Activity Recommendations in Adults - Learning the recommended activity and then comparing that to how much activity you are getting today will help you formulate goals and gauge success.
  • Heart360If you’re going to give yourself the best odds for success, you’ll need to track some key numbers. Tracking your activity, weight and all of your other important health numbers using Heart360 will give you a visual of your progress and help motivate you to keep on going until you reach your goals.
  • Printable Tracker - You can also track your physical activity offline using our printable activity tracker.
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Physical Activity and Calories

The chart below shows the approximate calories spent per hour by a 100-, 150- and 200- pound person doing a particular activity.

Activity  100 lb 150 lb 200 lb
Bicycling, 6 mph 160 240 312
Bicycling, 12 mph 270 410 534
Jogging, 7 mph 610 920 1,230
Jumping rope 500 750 1,000
Running 5.5 mph 440 660 962
Running, 10 mph 850 1,280 1,664
Swimming, 25 yds/min 185 275 358
Swimming, 50 yds/min 325 500 650
Tennis, singles 265 400 535
Walking, 2 mph 160 240 312
Walking, 3 mph 210 320 416
Walking, 4.5 mph 295 440 572

Last Reviewed 3/2014

Physical Activity

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