Take the Life is Why Family Health Challenge

Updated:Aug 17,2015

Take the 4-week challenge to make simple, fast and healthy choices for you and your family every day, everywhere.

It starts at home.
It starts with you.

My Cart is Why
Make shopping for fruits and veggies a fun and easy activity.
  • What's your secret?
  • Color Your Plate 
My Glass is Why
Make sugary drinks a thing of the past.
  • Nutrition Addition: Sugar Edition
  • Wacky Water
My Taste is Why
Tame your taste buds by reducing the sodium in your diet.
  • Sandwich Swapout
  • Sodium Shocks
My Movement is Why
Make physical activity fun, simple and fit in any schedule.
  • Walk the Way
  • Exercise isn't a Chore
For free activity templates and further challenge information, visit heart.org/healthierkids.

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