Activities for Kids

Kids Running

Regular physical activity – at least 60 minutes a day – and healthy eating habits are important for children to live a stronger, healthier life. They help your body to grow, run, walk, think, move, sleep, maintain a healthy weight and fight off germs and illness. Help your heart stay healthy! Move more and make smart food and drink choices.

My Family Health Tree 
Like eye color and height, many health conditions and diseases can be hereditary (passed down from a family member). Learn more about your family’s health history and your risk of certain conditions.


Test your nutrition knowledge! 
Childhood obesity is the number 1 health concern for parents in the U.S. Learn more about what “overweight” means for kids, and how you can prevent it.

What's that you're drinking? 
Healthy drinks are just as important for your body as healthy foods. Find out if your favorite drinks are healthy, unhealthy, or okay to drink sometimes.

Get Active with Our Healthy Challenge Scavenger Hunt 
Try our healthy challenge scavenger hunt (and BONUS round) with a friend or sibling. Can you find all the items on the list?

Happy, Healthy Eating 
You can feel better and play longer with healthy food choices and good eating habits. Make sure you’re getting the nutrients your body needs.


Try these tips to get active! 
Learn how to stay healthy by getting plenty of exercise. We recommend at least 60 minutes of play time and physical activity every day for children.

5 Ways that Play can Change your Day 
Learn some of the physical, emotional and social benefits of exercise and physical activity.

The American Heart Association's Recommendation's for Physical Activity in Children 
Daily physical activity can reduce kids’ risk of certain health conditions. See what the American Heart Association recommends.


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