Simple Cooking with Heart Strategic Alliances

Simple Cooking with Heart logoSimple Cooking with Heart empowers and inspires people to learn basic cooking skills and prepare simple, quick and affordable meals at home.

The American Heart Association is working together with organizations who share our interest in improving the health of all Americans.

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Simple Cooking with Heart® Strategic Alliances

Catholic Charities USA Logo
Catholic Charities USA

Catholic Charities USA provides Simple Cooking with Heart resources to its staff and clients to help promote better nutrition for those who struggle with hunger.

Feeding America Logo
Feeding America
Feeding America’s Healthy Food Bank Hub

showcases best practices and nutrition initiatives and engages food banks and health and nutrition professionals to help fight hunger while promoting health. It features Simple Cooking with Heart recipes and resources. Read more about The Simple Cooking with Heart Tools and Resources on the Healthy Food Bank Hub.

National Council on Aging Logo
National Council on Aging

Our Simple Cooking with Heart for Older Adults materials were developed by the American Heart Association and the National Council on Aging to provide cooking demonstrations and resources to seniors.

The Next Steps to Better Nutrition program was developed by the National Council on Aging and the American Heart Association to teach older adults how they can purchase and prepare nutritious foods easily and affordably.