Sodium and Salt

Updated:May 25,2016

Is sodium bad for you?

Recently, some folks have raised confusion about the science behind sodium reduction. People are asking: is sodium bad for you? While we recognize the myths around sodium, science clearly supports the link between less sodium intake and healthier lives.

A large group of scientific research shows that lowering sodium intake lowers blood pressure in adults and children. The American Heart Association’s lifestyle guidelines on sodium reduction were developed after a review of 30 studies about sodium, and was endorsed by nine well-respected health organizations. And, more than 30 well-respected nutrition scientists signed a Consensus Statement on Sodium Reduction in June 2014, concluding that “population-wide reduction of sodium intake is an integral approach to reducing cardiovascular disease events and mortality in the United States.”

Curious about the clear science behind sodium reduction? Check out the following sodium blog posts published on the topic:

How much sodium is too much?

Want to know more about how much sodium is too much? Check out Sodium 411 to learn how to reduce the salt in your diet and for information, strategies, and tools you need to lead a healthier life.

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