Giving families more choices: 2014 Progress Report Infographic text version

Updated:Jun 25,2015

McDonald’s partners with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation to promote balanced food and beverage choices.

McDonald’s commits to*:

  • Provide customers a choice of side salad, fruit, or vegetable as a substitute for French fries in value meals (Salad, fruit, or vegetable option will vary per participating market)
  • Promote and feature only water, milk, and juice as the beverage in Happy Meals on menu boards and in-store and external advertising
  • Offer new fruit, vegetable, low/reduced fat dairy or water options in the Happy Meal and generate excitement for produce and dairy
  • Ensure 100% of all advertising directed to children to include a fun nutrition or children’s well-being message

Highlights of McDonald’s USA Progress to date:

  • Value Meals: Side salad, fruit, and vegetable offerings
  • In first month after national rollout (February 2015), 83% of restaurants offered produce as a substitute for fries.
  • More Happy Meals served with low-fat/fat-free milk and 100% juice
    • 21 million additional milk jugs and juice boxes served (July ’14 – May ’15) compared to prior year
  • Fruit and low-fat fairy served**
    • 38 million Cuties clementines (Nov ’14 – Mar ’15)
    • 380 million bags of apple slices (Jan ’14 to Dec ’14)
    • 161 million Go-Gurt low-fat yogurt with 25% less sugar than leading kids’ yogurt*** (Jul ’14 – May ’14)
  • External ads with qualifying message
    • 99.9% of McDonald’s TV ads on programs directed to children included a nutrition or children’s well-being message

*All pieces of this commitment will be fulfilled by McDonald’s restaurants in 20 major markets by 2020, representing more than 85% of global sales.
**In Happy Meals and a la carte.
***Go-Gurt at McDonald’s has 6g of sugar per 2.25 oz. The leading kids’ yogurt has 9g of sugar per 2.25 oz.

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