Heart-Check Mark for Food Manufacturers & Trade Associations

Updated:Apr 21,2015

Mother and Daughter Reading Packaging in Grocery storeWhen the Heart-Check mark is on the package, shoppers pay attention. Since 1995, the Heart-Check mark has guided shoppers to healthier choices, making it a leader with consumers and the food industry.

Consumer research shows that shoppers are paying more attention to healthy eating, and their #1 health concern is heart health. The Heart-Check mark makes smart shopping easier and reassures shoppers they have made a choice that can fit into a heart-healthy diet. In fact, the American Heart Association is the authority most trusted by consumers to decide if a product may display a nutrition message or mark.

Connect health-conscious consumers with your heart-healthy products. To apply for certification or get more information, contact certify@heart.org or (214) 706-1654.


Frequently Asked Questions About Certification

Once your product is certified, you may display the Heart-Check mark on food packaging or in your advertising and promotions.



Heart-Check Program