Heart-Check Health Professional Toolkit

Updated:Sep 15,2016
Heart-Check mark toolkit

What’s In It for Your Clients and/or Patients and You
Using the Heart-Check Mark with Clients and/or Patients
Keeping Heart-Check Nutrition Requirements Relevant
Client/Patient Materials
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Are you challenged to keep up with the growing array of heart-healthy foods available to your clients/patients? Do you find they’re too busy to compare food labels and want you to name products that should fill their shopping carts? Whether you’re in private practice, cardiac rehab or a hospital, let the American Heart Association Heart-Check mark be your guide.

Ninety percent of Americans want to improve their health, according to a 2012 American Heart Association survey. A registered dietitian or health professional and the association’s Heart-Check mark on the label of hundreds of foods nationwide can help.

The Heart-Check mark is a powerful aide for teaching and motivating your clients/patients to make better food choices. This toolkit helps make using the mark easier with valuable resources and practical tools to use in your practice. Together, we can put your clients/patients on the path to healthier hearts, leading to a better quality of life.

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Heart-Check Mark for Health Professionals