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Get With The Guidelines Database

Database History
The database was generated through the AHA’s Get With The Guidelines® program.
Note: This is an ongoing program.

Database Goals
Get With The Guidelines is a continuous quality improvement program that collects concurrent and retrospective patient-level adherence data within U.S. hospitals.  The Get With The Guidelines database measures hospitals' adherence to secondary prevention guidelines (pharmacological and lifestyle interventions) for coronary artery disease, heart failure and stroke.

Population Sampled / Method
Data was collected at the patient level in participating hospitals.  Patients entered are from U.S. hospitals only. Data is patient- and hospital-de-identified at an aggregate level.

Professionals Most Likely To Use Database
This is not a typical clinical outcomes database – it is a voluntary observational database from a larger quality improvement program.  Research professionals who understand hospital process improvement and implementation science will be most interested in using this database. 

Publication Process

  1. Download the Data Request Form
  2. Submit completed Data Request Form to Laura Shuey
  3. The GWTG Science Subcommittee chairperson(s) will review the request for feasibility, validity and novelty.
  4. Approved requests are forwarded to Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI) for analysis and preparation of data.
  5. Completed analyses are sent from DCRI to primary author.
  6. Draft manuscript is circulated to co-authors for review and sign-off.
  7. The Get With The Guidelines Science Subcommittee and the Electronic Data Steering Committee (EDSC)  review the draft separately. Each review period is two weeks.
  8. Committee feedback and/or approval is sent to primary author.
  9. Final manuscript draft is submitted to journal of choice by primary author or other designee.

General Restrictions
A Get With The Guidelines Steering/Science Committee member must be a co-author and the Get With The Guidelines Science Sub-Committee must review the final manuscript prior to submission.  This will ensure that the published study includes a methodology (implementation) section that discloses and interprets the key components of the program accurately.

Contact Person
If you have any questions regarding the publication process or Get With The Guidelines publications in general, please contact Laura Shuey.

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