Wills, Trusts, and Annuities

What Is A Planned Gift?

Planned Gifts partner donors, estate and tax planning professionals, and our Planned Giving staff to create a gift today that will benefit the American Heart Association in the future. A donor usually makes a contribution from his or her assets or estate rather than current income, and can receive current income and tax benefits. Planned Gifts are typically made through a will or trust, gifts that provide lifetime income to the donor like a charitable gift annuity, or gifts that protect your assets, like a retained life estate of a house.

Why Make A Planned Gift?

Planned Gifts benefit you and your children and save lives. They allow your personal values to make a lasting impact on the world and can inspire others to join in your commitment. They pass your values on to your children and grandchildren while teaching them the importance of using resources wisely to help others. Selecting the right planned giving vehicle also allows you to reduce your estate and income taxes, maximize the financial and tax benefits of your gift, and make a larger gift than you ever thought possible. With our help, you can actually enhance your own and your family's financial well-being while showing your generosity to the American Heart Association at the same time. And because planned gifts typically are arranged now and paid out later, your gift ensures that the American Heart Association will have the financial resources to build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke for years to come.

But don’t just take our word for it, hear from people like you whose gifts benefit themselves, their families, and the lives of countless others.

How Do I Make A Planned Gift?

Making a Planned Gift can be as easy as adding a codicil to your Will or filling out a beneficiary form for your Retirement Plan.  A Charitable Gift Annuity can provide you with income for the rest of your life while a Charitable Remainder Trust can provide income for a period of years.  Charitable Lead Trusts protect your assets from burdensome estate taxes.  You can gift Real Estate and still live there with a Retained Life Estate, or give Stock to charity to avoid capital gains.

How Can the American Heart Association Help Me Make a Planned Gift?

A Planned Giving Director in your area is happy to sit down with you and your estate planning team to craft an Estate Plan that provides for your family, self and favorite charities.  We can also sign you up for our weekly financial and legal updates so you get the news that could affect your portfolio, net worth and estate plans.

How Can I Learn More On My Own?

In these pages you can compare the benefits of different planned gifts. Better yet, our Gift Planner asks you a few simple questions to find your perfect gift plan in minutes!  Our Personal Calculators can help you improve cash flow, avoid unwanted taxes, plan for your retirement or improve your current retirement.  We also have a glossary of estate planning terms to help put all this legal language into everyday speech.

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