Shirley Sterling - An Extraordinary Supporter of the American Heart Association

Updated:Oct 24,2012
Leonard and Shirley Sterling became involved with Mended Hearts after Len had bypass surgery in 1976. Leonard lived 18 years after his surgery, and during that time he and Shirley helped change many lives. Today Shirley remains active with many charitable activities, has traveled around the world 12 times and has visited every country.   Shirley Sterling

Len and Shirley had the foresight to set up three charitable gift annuities to benefit the American Heart Association. Shirley has an extensive background in income tax work and has learned the value of the gift annuity and planning ahead. Her well-thought out will contains trusts that will last forever to benefit her favorite organizations, including the American Heart Association.

Shirley says it's never too late to do something good for others. She is a goodwill ambassador for the Lion's Club and every Christmas season she has blessed American Heart Association supporters in Texas with poinsettias.