Paul Dudley White-Legacy Society

Updated:Aug 3,2016

Dr. Paul Dudley White was President Eisenhower's personal physician. In fact, he guided the president's recovery from a heart attack in 1955. And though lesser known, another of the accomplishments of this forward-thinking physician was his role as a founder of the American Heart Association. Dr. White's vision spurred the association's emergence as a world-renowned leader in heart research and education.

To recognize his distinguished achievements and honor those who share his vision, the American Heart Association has formed the Paul Dudley White Legacy Society.

Make a Gift and Join the Paul Dudley White Legacy Society

Members of the society enjoy:

  • A distinctive pin to show their commitment to the association.
  • Our certificate of appreciation and recognition.
  • An alliance with others who share their compassionate vision for improving the health for their families and friends.

To become a member, please contact your local Planned Giving representative and let us know that you've made an estate gift to the American Heart Association.

Examples of such estate or planned gifts are:

  • Designating the association as a charitable beneficiary in a will or trust.
  • Naming the American Heart Association as owner and/or beneficiary of a life insurance.
  • Indicating the association as a beneficiary of a retirement plan account.
  • Funding a life income gift with the association as the charitable beneficiary.
  • Designating the American Heart Association as a beneficiary of an investment or other financial account.

All information will remain confidential.

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