Estate Settlement

Estate Settlement

Estate Settlement Representatives are here when you need help handling an estate plan of a client or someone who has passed.

If you are the person responsible for distributing the bequest/gift (executor, trustee, attorney, etc.) of a loved one or client who has passed away, and has contributed a gift to the association through their will, trust, or other beneficiary designation (such as life insurance, retirement assets, annuities, etc.). Please contact the appropriate bequest administrator at the association.

We understand that this can be a difficult time for family and friends of the deceased who are charged with administering the estate or trust. While we are extremely grateful to receive these gifts, we do often have to ask for copies of documents, inventories and/or accountings in order to comply with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), and audit requirements in order make certain that we are honoring the deceased’s wishes as to any restrictions placed on his/her gift, and ensures that we maintain our non-profit status.

To determine which bequest administrator to contact, review the execution pages of the will or trust document. The handling of such gifts is determined by the state in which the grantor or executor was permanently residing at the time he or she executed the instrument.

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Important: Please only send distributions or documents to your bequest administrator. Your local association office is NOT authorized to receive such distributions.

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