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Updated:Mar 4,2013
Step-by-Step Gift Planner 
Your Perfect Gift Plan is a Few Simple Questions Away!                                                

Your journey is made one decision at a time.Choose from one of the two options below and discover what gift plan will work best for you.

Compare Gift Types

Compare Different Gift Plans and Find the Benefits of Each    
Where do you want to go? Explore gift plans that interest you to learn more about how they can help you and us reach our goals.

Outright Gifts 
While cash is the most often-used way to make an outright gift, such gifts can be funded in a variety of ways. Making an outright gift will meet your goals and make great things happen at the American Heart Association.       

Estate Gifts         
Estate gifts may provide for a specific dollar amount in cash, specific securities, and specific articles of tangible personal property or a percentage of the residue of the estate.
Gifts in Partnership With Us
A transaction in which an individual transfers cash or property to the American Heart Association in exchange for our promise to make fixed annuity payments to one or two life annuitants.
Personal Financial Calculators
Our Calculators Show You How to Save Taxes and Earn Income

The Gift Calculator is an interactive tool that enables you to calculate your income and tax benefits you may receive from making a planned gift to the American Heart Association.

Calculate your benefits from a life-income gift.

Glossary of Planned Giving Terms
Planned Giving Terminology - Simplified

A small working vocabulary and definitions relevant to your search for gift options that suit your needs.