How Can You Help Me Plan a Gift?

The many options available for making a charitable planned gift can sometimes be overwhelming. Whether you've got questions about a specific type of gift, are trying to decide which option is best for you, or simply want additional information, we can help. Our full-time professional staff can provide you with educational booklets and work with you and your advisors to determine the best gift for you.

Find Your Local Planned Giving Representative

Local Assistance

Contact the Planned Giving Director in your area to sit down with you and your estate and tax planning team. Together we can craft an estate plan that not only provides for your family and yourself, but one that will also meet your charitable goals.

Order Helpful Brochures


The American Heart Association can provide you with brochures and information to help you learn more about the different ways you can make a gift through your estate plan. Use these tools to get basic information that will enable you to have an in-depth discussion with your financial advisor.

37 Things People “Know” about Wills that Aren’t Really So

Request the 37 Things Brochure
Surveys indicate that a majority of adults don't have a basic will.  Below are a couple of misconceptions people have about wills. To learn more, request a copy of our 37 Things People "Know" About Wills brochure.

The Charitable Gift Annuity

Order "The Charitable Gift Annuity"Income for Life for You or A Loved One.