Why Should Students Raise Money Online?

Updated:Aug 2,2016
It’s safe! Our website is secure and protected. Student and donor information is not given out to any third
parties. Plus, students don’t need to handle any checks or cash because donations are made online.

It saves time! Raising money online makes the money-counting experience faster and easier for you! Instead
of collecting cash and checks to sort through, students print their online Gift History Report, which states
how much money they raised, and enclose that in their collection envelopes. Plus, donors who make their
contributions online are automatically emailed a donation receipt.

It’s effective! Students AND schools on average raise three times more money online than through collecting
checks or cash. By using online fundraising, your students can help raise more money to save lives.

It’s easy! It takes just a few simple clicks for students to join their school’s online team (which has already
been set up for you by the American Heart Association). After joining, students will have fun personalizing web
pages by uploading their photo and more!

It’s fun! Students are able to see how they are progressing toward their personal fundraising goals, and they
can also see how their school is progressing toward the team goal.

It saves lives! Students can select email templates that include lifesaving information, including warning
signs for heart attack and stroke, to educate family and friends.

Make Fundraising as Easy as Possible-Check Out Our Interactive Tools!

Facebook Fundraising
Parents can spread the word about Jump Rope For Heart or Hoops For Heart through
social media like Facebook. A link included on their profile allows their friends to donate.

YouTube Tutorial Videos
You and your students can watch our short tutorial videos about our Online Fundraising features. These videos are also available on your promotional DVD.