Fundraising Incentive Ideas

Updated:Oct 28,2013
Promotional Incentives for Your Students, Classroom and School

Incentives are a great way to motivate your students, teachers and staff while building excitement about
Jump Rope For Heart and Hoops For Heart. Check out some of these great ideas!

(Call local paper, TV, Radio, school news – get publicity out of this)
Bad Hair Day – Shave your head, mustache, eyebrows or dye them school colors.
Of course YOU don’t have to be the one to do this – get the principal, janitor, secretary, class teacher –usually someone is willing to do this especially if you set the goal high enough.
Switcheroo -Dress like an old man, old woman, baby, Spongebob, Superman, etc. This is fun if you act like that character all day – as a baby, cry and whine, put a big diaper around your pants and carry a pacifier. As an old man, use a cane and hunch over, need help getting up, etc.
Pie in the Face – Get a list of teachers willing to take a pie in the face if the school reaches their goal. Kids who collected $50 or more have their name put in a drawing. Pull 5 names and they get to GENTLY throw the pies – it’s messy but easy to clean up.
Ice Cream Social – Top class gets ice cream at lunch or during an afternoon break – or popsicles, or popcorn and a movie, or pizza. Don’t forget that we are trying to promote heart health, so be choosy.
Suggestion Box – Have a suggestion box in the office where students can submit their ideas. Pick one or two of their suggestions to do. Give an extra “prize” for those who submitted the winning entries.
Kiss a Pig (or animal of choice – frog, snake) – If the school reaches goal a school staffer must kiss a pig. This can be you, the principal, janitor or willing classroom teachers.
Come Back for More – The top class (or just top students) receive an extra PE class or additional time to jump rope or shoot hoops. To implement, the PE teacher has to give up their planning period to do this. However, the classroom teachers will love promoting this because they gain an extra planning period if their class wins.
Duct Tape Anyone? – If the school reaches goal you let students duct tape a school staffer to the wall. Anyone who raises $50 or more (or set your own amount) gets to line up and stick on a piece of the duct tape. If all who qualify get one turn and the subject still isn’t stuck tight, they get to go again with another piece of tape. (Wear long sleeves and pants to keep from hurting skin!)
Variation: Toilet Paper Anyone? – Same as above but less messy
Theme Day – if school reaches goal make one day Hat Day, Slipper Day, Inside-Out Clothes Day, Go Red Day, Book Character Day, Rodeo Day, etc. Be sure to take pictures!
Slime Me/Decorate with Food – PE teacher gets pie in face, made into a sundae, whip cream put in the hair, silly stringed, put into pool of jello, etc.
The Best Gets the Best – If school raises goal, all teachers and school personnel will
dress up in their best formal wear (gowns, tuxes, old wedding dresses, etc.)
Camp Night – If school raises goal, coordinator will camp on front lawn, football field or roof top. If students raise $50 or more they can BRING A PARENT and join the camp out!
Fear Factor – Have teachers declare one of their fears. If their class raises the most money, they have to face their fear and to the activity (hold a spider, dig for worms, pet a class snake, etc.).
Door Decoration – Decorate the door of each class that reaches their goal.
Kids in Charge – Top Class or top student in each class can pick the PE activity for 1 class period.
Everyone Celebrate –Ask ALL teachers to join in. Put a note in all teachers’ mailboxes or ask at a staff meeting what incentive they will do either as an individual incentive (free homework pass, extra credit) or class incentive (extra recess) if the school reaches their goal.
Bandit – Class with most dollars raised has their teacher kidnapped by the principal. The class must go find the teacher and ends up with popcorn/movie party or some celebratory party
at the end of the day.