Event Resources for Jump Rope For Heart

Updated:Nov 7,2016
Review the 2016-17 Volunteer's Guide for event planning tips and step-by-step instructions  

Meet your Youth Market Director.
Determine timeline of event and activities.
Announce a “Save the Date” 4-6 weeks before Kickoff.
Set up Online Fundraising-
Learn how to use and customize your school page.
Create incentives to encourage students to register.
Demonstrate sign-up and email process to students.Event Kickoff-
Distribute the envelopes and show the DVD.
Send home parent letters and online directions.
Create excitement!Do Promotion-
Use posters, school marquee and website.
Advertise incentives, share heart facts, create awareness.
Celebrate online fundraising progress.Have Your Event and Make it Fun!
Finalize logistics: music, equipment, stations and volunteers.
Send reminder, request staff and parent volunteers.Wrap Up Your Event-
Collect envelopes, count donations and order thank-you gifts.
Thank and congratulate student body, staff and faculty.
Reward and follow through on incentive plans.