Corporate Sponsorship

Updated:Feb 6,2015

Thank you so much for thinking of us regarding your fundraising efforts! Before completing the form, please review the following guidelines which will confirm if your company aligns with our organization’s bylaws.

No fundraiser will be considered which is inconsistent with the American Heart Association’s policies, standards and positions.  These include:

  • No candy, tobacco or alcohol
  • No games of chance (lottery, raffle, sweepstakes or drawing)
  • No sale of products, tickets or services done solely by telephone
  • The American Heart Association does not participate in marketing programs or other fundraising ideas which require our organization to email our donors/volunteers and does not fall within the scope of our core fundraising activities and are inconsistent with our privacy policies.
  • Food and beverage-related companies must have products that are consistent with either the American Heart Association’s dietary and lifestyle recommendations and/or our food certification criteria. These can be found at the links below:

Logo Usage
With a mutually agreed arrangement of mission support/ financial/volunteer commitment, the American Heart Association may or may not allow for use of its service marks or logos.

Charitable Co-venture (Portion of Proceeds)
Co-venture laws dictate, like other charities, we can only accept a portion/percentage of proceeds from the sale of a product with a contract outlining the following:

  • Duration of charitable fundraiser
  • Minimum financial commitment to the mission
  • Specific project or program the company is supporting and the exact percentage/dollar amount that will support our mission

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Wise Giving Alliance

Linking Policy
The American Heart Association does not provide links from the Association’s Web site(s) to external sites except as specified by a pre-existing sponsorship agreement/contract, partnership or other contractual business relationship.

American Heart Association Linking Policy 

If you meet the qualifications above, please complete the Corporate Sponsorship and Fundraising form to give us more information about your company and desired outcome.