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Think Smart: Find a New Start
Making good choices is the cornerstone of success. If negative thinking is affecting your choices, we want to help you learn to change the way you think.
Maintaining Momentum: Keep Up the Good Work
Success comes from progressive movement toward your goal. Small changes on a daily basis can bring big results. The desire and momentum to keep new habits in place for a lifetime come from you.
Eat Well: A Personal Approach to a Healthful Weight
To lose weight, you need to take in fewer calories than you expend. As you reduce calories, you also need to pay attention to the essentials of good nutrition.
Pass It On: Food, Fitness, and the Family
Parents have a strong influence on their children's food choices and activities. If parents embrace good eating habits and enjoy physical activity, they establish a home environment that leads children in the right direction.
Move More: More Fit and Less Fat
It's true that calorie reduction is the key to weight loss, but to keep off the pounds for good, you have to get moving and keep moving.
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