A Healthy Start to Home Cooking

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Welcome to A Healthy Start to Home Cooking! Thanks for joining the American Heart Association as we help people learn to cook healthy at home. 

This Web page is an additional resource to your spiral-bound course plan kit, and these materials are also available on the CD located on the inside cover of the course plan. Navigate through the buttons above to download the class handouts for each of  the six cooking lessons. 

You may also download the promotional flyer and e-mail template to recruit class participants and congratulate your class with a certificate of completion for each participant. Each of these items are Microsoft Word documents so it’s easy to customize the materials with your information.

Note: Check the CD that came with your kit to see if the promotional flyer and certificate of completion have sponsor logos. If so, those are the versions you’ll need to use so that proper recognition is given to the sponsors who are generously supporting this program.

After you have finished leading the cooking class series, complete this brief survey to share your feedback.

Volunteer-Led Training Session
Thank you for volunteering with the American Heart Association as we encourage people to cook healthy at home! As an additional resource, you can download the Volunteer Guide.

Download the training session handout, and print enough for all of the Facilitators who will be participating in the training session.
This presentation deck can help you lead the training.